Welcome to Hamster Geek!

We’ve recently brought a baby Syrian hamster into our family and named him Richmond (after someone’s sausage dog that we know), so we’ve decided to create this website to help others learn about their new hamster and how to look after them.

We’ve learnt a lot about hamsters whilst caring for Richmond, our male white and brown Syrian hamster. Some of this knowledge has been gained through practical experience and trial and error, whilst some of it has been gained from speaking to other hamster owners, experts at the pet shop and following a number of hamster channels on YouTube.

We’ve split this site into a number of categories so that you can navigate around it easily. We try to answer as many beginner questions as possible, because we certainly had a lot of questions when we first got Richmond.

We also like to have a bit of fun, so we’ll be sharing some fun hamster facts with you, things you can do to have fun with your hamster and of course, you’ll certainly see a lot of pictures of Richmond on here in action!

So, where do you start? Well, if you’ve just bought a hamster, or you’re thinking about becoming a hamster owner, I suggest that you start with our beginners guide to hamster care.

In addition to our main content, we also list the products we use, to help us love and care for our hamster, so feel free to have a browse around there too:

Enjoy your hamster!