Best Hamster YouTubers (From Educational To Entertaining)

By Dawn | General
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When it comes to learning about hamsters, you have a few options.  Either you can learn from websites like Hamster Geek, which will provide you with good quality, actionable information, you can read books on hamster care or you can watch a bunch of YouTube videos.

All of these mediums have their place but it is not always possible to watch a YouTube video – sometimes you want the information at your fingertips.

At other times, you may have the spare time to watch a video or two to learn about hamsters or watch some entertaining hamster videos.

So, with that in mind, I’d like to share with you my favorite hamster YouTubers.  I’ve also split them into two categories, educational and fun.

If you stay with me to the end of the post, I’ll let you know which is my favorite channel 🙂

First of all though, here’s some stats that you might find useful.  These are correct only at the time of publishing.

ChannelSubscriber CountTotal Number Of ViewsTop VideoChannel type
Victoria Raechel350K54mVictoria RaechelEducational
The Secret Life of my Hamster2.21m714mThe Secret Life of my HamsterFun
DIY Hamster285K87mDIY HamsterFun


The following channels, in no particular order of preference, are, in my opinion, the best hamster YouTube channels in terms of the educational information that they provide.


Erin is a self-declared “hamster hobbyist” and a very successful pet YouTuber.  According to her “about” page, she’s raised 28 hamsters in the last 10 years.  These have included all five species of hamster (Syrian, Winter White, Campbell’s, Chinese, Roborovski), male, female, young, old and those with special needs.

Although ErinsAnimals is centered around hamster care, she does have other pets too such as mice, cats and dogs, which you can sometimes see in her videos.  

What you’ll notice from watching some of her videos, is that topics are explained clearly and simply in a way that anyone can understand.  I also like her honesty and she will not refrain from telling you about any hamster care misinformation that she finds on the Internet.

There’s a video for almost every topic you can think of when it comes to looking after and caring for your hamster.  There are also a lot of DIY videos on there too, like how to build a bin cage, setting up a naturalistic hamster cage and even how to make your own wooden hamster wheel.


At the time of writing, ErinsAnimals have 52 million views on her videos, and 283K subscribers, which is phenomenal.  Her top performing video is setting up a naturalistic hamster cage which has an enormous 3.2 million views.

Victoria Raechel

Victoria Raechel is a Canadian YouTuber and animal lover.  Her YouTube channel username is ChocolateColors26 which used to be the name of her channel, so you might still see references to this name online.

Although this channel is predominantly hamster focused, there are videos on rabbits, kittens and even geckos

The thing I like best about this channel is that it isn’t just focused on education.  There are reaction videos on here, like this video reacting to other hamster owners’s cage sizes, fun videos like this video on making hamster spaghetti and personal videos such as this showing her recent house move


At the time of writing, Victoria Raechel has 54,424,998 views on her videos, and 350K subscribers, which again is phenomenal.  Her top performing video is how to tame your hamster, which has a whopping 1.7 million views.


I’ve included HammyLux, because although it’s not my favorite channel, they do offer some very good, practical advice to new hamster owners.

Again, this channel isn’t just a channel about Hamsters (though many of them are), you’ll find some rat videos on here such as meet my rats, videos on guinea pigs and some vlogs, which give you a little insight into the personal life of the channel owner.


At the time of writing, HammyLux has 13,589,294 views on her videos, and 92.2K subscribers, which isn’t quite as many as the first two channels on this list, but nevertheless, it’s still very respectable..  Her top performing video is a vlog on getting a new hamster, which has an amazing 1.5 million views.


HoppingHammy is a very good YouTuber and despite not posting a new video for 8 months (at the time of writing), there is some very good information to be found on here.

For example, there are videos on hamster diets, the dangers of breeding hamsters and how to tame your hamster.

One of my favorite aspects of this channel are the cage tours, which has a playlist of its own.  There’s videos on rainforest themed cages, ocean themed cages and even desert themed cages.  Some of these are best seen to be believed!


At the time of writing, HoppingHammy has 53,889,161 views on her videos, and 233K subscribers.  Her top performing video is the official “Hamster Room” tour, which has a massive 7.9 million views.


I’ve included the following YouTubers just for fun really because the videos on them are either generally very entertaining, funny or just interesting to watch if you have a spare five minutes.

The Secret Life of my Hamster

This is a massive channel, not in terms of the number of videos (there are just 49) but they have 2.21 million subscribers.

This is a very popular channel and it’s easy to see why when you see some of the houses, mazes, toys and obstacle courses they have made for their hamsters.


This is an active YouTube channel having posted about a month ago at the time of writing.  In terms of views etc, The Secret Life of my Hamster has a colossal 714,348,680 views on their videos, and 2.21 million subscribers.  The top performing video is the Hamster Pringles Maze, which has 2.3 million views.

DIY Hamster

If you like DIY or even if you don’t and you want some ideas on how to entertain your hamster and entertain yourself at the same time, then you’ll enjoy this channel.

There are all sorts of creative ideas for you here from homemade houses to funny toys.  They don’t just show you the finished product, they show you step by step how to build these works of art.

For example, you can learn how to build a mini brick house, how to build a huge hamster hamburger maze and much more.

Of course, you don’t have to build them, you can just watch these videos, and trust me, they’ll provide you with plenty of entertainment.  This video on the night before Christmas is a must watch!


This is a very active YouTube channel which posts new videos on a weekly basis.  In terms of views etc, DIY Hamster has 87,494,034 views on their videos, and 285K subscribers.  The top performing video is the Highest Level Maze For Two Cute Hamsters, which has 12 million views.


If you like cute hamster videos, then this channel won’t disappoint.  You’ll see anything from hamsters eating pumpkin pie at a kitchen table, hamsters in ice-cream trucks through to hamsters tucking into chicken and vegetable skewers.

Although the vast majority of the videos on this channel are focussed on entertainment, there are some educational videos on here such as this one on choosing a hamster cage and this popular video on how to potty train your hamster.


This is a relatively active YouTube channel which posts new videos on a monthly basis.  In terms of views etc, VanillaHamHam has a monstrous 204,252,036 views on their videos, and a very healthy 837K subscribers.  The top performing video is the Tiny Hamster in his Tiny Kitchen which has an unbelievable 64 million views!

Wrapping Up

So what’s my favorite channel?  Well, it has to be ErinsAnimals.  Not only do I think the videos are extremely informative, they are very well made, professional and delivered well.

My favorite fun hamster YouTube channel has to be VanillaHamHam.  Some of these videos are super cute but they have some educational videos on the channel too.  For example, they have a hamster care playlist and there’s also some DIY videos that are useful if you want to build some cool things for your hamster.